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Fountain Inn woman graduates Marine infantry school, makes history

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By Adrian Acosta Jan 9 2014
The Marine Corps says 19-year-old Brittany Holloway, of Fountain Inn, is just the 14th female to complete infantry school and the first from South Carolina to do it.Holloway says she knew that very few women had completed the training but was honored to find out she was the first from the Palmetto state.The Marine Corps opened up the school at Camp Geiger to women after the ban on females in combat was lifted last year. Holloway graduated the grueling nine-week course Thursday morning.Holloway says she enlisted in the Marines after graduating from Woodmont High School because she wanted to be the best, and as for choosing to go through infantry school Holloway said, "I picked it because it's tough. I wanted that challenge. I wanted to prove to people that I could do it."A Marine Corps spokesperson told Fox Carolina that Holloway was held to the same standards as males going through the training. Holloway was required to learn how to operate various weapons, do pull-ups, crunches, run three miles, and go on a 20 km hike carrying 80 pounds of gear among other things. More

Brittany is the Daughter of Greenville MOAA's own First Vice President CW4 Rob Holloway and his wife Shannon Holloway

Enjoy the Entertainment of the Greenville in Harmony Show Chorus from Our Christmas Party

Chapter President William "Bill" Koehler Speaks for Veteran's Day Event at Fluor Engineering

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Governor Haley Speaks at our State Conference (24:34)

Bill Koehler and Katie Danner on TV CW 62 before the Conference (4:39)

Ready Reference on Ranks

A copy of this reference can be downloaded from our downloads page.

More Information from the Conference

Hearing Aids

Lt Col and Mrs Conner. Jim Turner is the President of the Florida MOAA Council of Chapters
Jim Conner, Lt Col USAF Retired, President of the Florida Council of Chapters and who attended our conference, has provided the following information about hearing aids for Veterans
The original information can be found here.

Hearing Aids
Advances in technology now make hearing aids into high-tech medical devices. The best hearing aids ever made are now in production.
Military retirees from active duty, Guard, and Reserve units who have hearing loss and/or tinnitus are eligible to participate in this program. Retired Commissioned Officers of the US Public Health Service are also eligible for this program at military treatment facilities, under certain conditions.
Dependents of military retirees are ineligible to participate in this program throughout the US. See our list of participating sites.
Retirees can obtain hearing aids at significant savings by using our program. Two hearing aids can usually be purchased for less than $2,000. Exact costs are variable and subject to change at any time without notice. Contact your nearest audiology clinic for further details.
Note: your closest clinic could be located hundreds of miles away from your home. The costs to travel for this program need to be considered versus the availability of an audiologist in your local community to assist you with repairs, warranty repairs, re-programming, etc.
Not every medical facility is able to provide this program. Care of active duty members takes precedent at all MTFs. It is recommended that you contact the appropriate military facility before incurring significant travel expenses. Facilities may discontinue this program for any reason without notice to us.
Retirees can use any military treatment facility which will accept them; you don’t need to return to your service affiliation to participate in this program.
This program is not a TRICARE benefit.
A current list of sites which provide this program is available here.

The Retiree Assistive Listening Device (RALD) program offers Military Service Members and their families, a unique opportunity. In an effort to help improve the quality of life for those who serve our country, Williams Sound has designed a factory direct program that provides access to assistive listening devices at a discounted price. More information about the RALD is posted here.

Presenter Slides

Lt Col Ostrom Benefits Slides

These are the slides that Lt Col USAF Ret Shane Ostrom presented to us. They are available for download either as PowerPoint Slides (PPT) or as PDF files with six slides per page in the PDF document.

COL Lobb Legislative Update Slides

These are the slides that COL USA Ret David Lobb presented to us. They are available for download either as PowerPoint Slides (PPT) or as PDF files with six slides per page in the PDF document. If you download the PDF file you will obviously not be able to see the video that was part of the presentation. The video can be seen here.

Who Was That Masked Man?

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Many have asked "Who was the guy who entertained us on Sunday night at our Conference?" He was better than we could possibly have anticipated. We heard comments like "I could not stop laughing." "What a professional." "Where did you find this guy?"

Well the wait is over and the mystery is now answered. It was none other than Marty the Magician from right here in Greenville.

Marty Says:
With only 40 years of experience I have performed before audiences of all ages and sizes in almost any venue.
I perform state of the art sleight of hand rarely seen in the area.
The secret to my successful shows is that I find lots of ways to interact with the audience, most often with humor.
I believe I can make anyone, at any age, at any time… smile.

It sure was true for all of us who attended his performance - WOW!

For those of you who would like to contact him see below:

Marty Shapiro

Magic by Marty

2435 East North Street #110
Greenville, SC 29615
Phone (864) 275-4175
Fax (864) 244-0666
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Published On - 1/29/18
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